[IC-7000] Digital Modes and CAT on IC7000

Steven Linley

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Hello everyone

Can someone provide some getting started info for digital modes and CAT on IC7000?

I want to use modes like PSK31,SSTV,WSJT,Echolink,RTTY and others.
For this I think I will use fldigi because I mostly work on Linux and as far as I found out this is the most well known software for digital modes in linux.
What cable connections do I need for this to work? Use a SignaLink USB connected to the Data cable, do not use the ACC.

I would also like to remotely control my radio.  I use RemoteHams (RCForb Client)  with DXLab Suite (both are free)
What software can I use for this on linux?
Can the same software and connections be used also for programming the radio (ex. memories)?  Try RT Systems, I tried CHIRP but was unable to find the IC-7000.   I gradaully learned how to program every aspect of the radio by reading the manual.  Programming Repeaters and Satellites (and naming the memory channel) was the last thing I learned to do.  In hind sight, it is pretty easy to do that.

While searching I found different interfaces saying that they will do these jobs (with price ascending order).
I have found cheap cables on ebay for CAT and Tx/Rx audio.
I have also come across xggcomms cables - http://www.xggcomms.com/page11.htm

I found several that didn't work, including one from West Mountain Radio.  And I bought the last two from a guy in Poland for $6 each (they only do CI-V very well, no sound interface)

Signalink as it seems is very popular and with many happy users.
Has anyone used the xggcomms cables? Yes, my first and one of my favorite cables.
Or cheap ebay cables are good enough for the job?  I have also built the CI-V interface from a couple of transistors (schematics can be found (Google CI-V interface schematics)  its just a voltage level converter.

Signalink is a sound card by itself, leaving the main computer sound card free for other uses.
But I guess one could pay a lot less money for the other cables and get a 5$ external usb sound card which would result in the same configuration, what do you think? Yes, many use the $10 USB sound cards, I like the SignaLink USB and its TX, RX, and Delay knobs.

Another question is if I should use the 6 pin or the 13 pin socket for connections?  the 6 pin Data socket works better but my xggcomms units used the 13 pin ACC socket. 
What is the difference of these 2 ports?  SignaLink recommended the 6 pin socket.  I had no problem using the ACC socket with the IC-718 but I got a hum with the xggcomms unit on the IC-7000 and I sent a few Windows sounds over the air.  It can still happen with a seperate sound card.  Understanding the control panel sound window in XP, 7, 8, and 10 can avoid trouble.  One, make your radio sound card the "Default Communications" Play and Record Device.  Always turn on the radio before the PC so the PC will alway find the radios sound card (if the radio has a USB -built-in sound card, and I think this works with other sound cards also).
I have read about MIC not muting when using 13pin port.  Yes, that was probably what caused the sound problem with my xggcomms unit.  You could alway unplug the mic but who wants to do that?
Does this mean that noise from the room around the radio will get picked up together with the digital signal?
Is a separate 3.5mm CI-V cable also required for the above mentioned operations?  xggcomms makes a cable with both; CI-V and Line and Mic 3.5mm plugs (my workstation PC has a Line in (green) and an Line Out (blue) jack)

73, Steve WA8Y
formerly wa8yxa

Thank you in advance for the help,