[IC-7000] dark display


Hi Pasquale,
When I bought my IC-7000, all was OK whilе II was in the. Next day the display was like broken TV set. I open the movable panel.There is a small ribbon cable to the display.Not good connection, almost 1/2 out of the socket. This solved my problem.
Good luck, 
Vesko LZ2JE

On Thursday, November 30, 2017 1:53 PM, "Pasquale S iw0hex@... [ic7000]" wrote:

Hi guys
I have a problem with my IC-7000. When I try to push PWR, 7000 goes up, leds are on, RX is on but the display is dark.
Any help ?
Thanks in advance.
Pasquale IW0HEX

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