IC 7000 and spectrum display

Ronald Baran

I want to use a 7K to generate a spectrum display on my computer.  The spectrum display on the little screen is rudimentary at best so I wonder if anyone has been able to interface the 7K .  I see that N1MM supports the 7300 and 7610 and a few others but not the 7000.  Any advice?

Ron W9XS

Kevin Grantham

There is no IF output on the IC-7000 and adding one requires some surgery.


Another way to do it is to get an SDRPLAY or equivalent that can handle HF frequencies (or pair it with an upconverter). Connect both the CI-V from the 7000 and the USB from the SDR to the computer of your choice Use one of the free SDR software packages and tell it to slave the two radios. Make sure you have Transceive set to On in the 7000.


The spectrum display on the computer will be centered on and will track the frequency on the 7000 (this is usually the default – there are dozens of other options). Changing frequency on the 7000 will move the display, and clicking on something on the display will tune the 7000 to match.


Once that’s working, the next step is consider antennas. If you have a separate RX and TX setup, then you can run the TX antenna to the 7000 and the RX to the SDR (and consider a limiter on the SDR to avoid coupling that might damage the unit especially if you are using an external amplifier). If you have a single antenna then get (or make) something like the MFJ switchbox for SDR and use the PTT out signal from the 7000 to switch it (don’t depend on the RF sense).


I have done this and it works. I’ve also helped other hams set it up on their rigs. Generally the base rigs are easier because mobile rigs tend to have fewer ports to play with, but either will work.


Good luck!





Kevin N5KRG