how to set up for dstart hotspot

Lewis Maxwell

Hello Peter,

This is response to your post you made on the Yahoo Group just before the switch. I have been running D-Star Commander with a dual-band DVMega for about 3 years now. I don't shut the Pi down except to reboot it once a month. Read and follow the Low Speed Data setup in the Advanced IC-7100 manual first. 

I downloaded the image from Be careful and make sure you get the DVMega image and not the DVAP image. In the downloaded image you will find a folder called "docs". I used the Headless Basic Setup method. It worked flawlessly. Once the the setup is complete then you can use the procedure FRQ command to set the hotspot to nwhat ever frequency you wish.

It was that simple. I hope this helps and will be looking for you an the reflectors.