help using IC-7000 on 60m/solution found

AB2E Darrell

Hi all,
Thanks for the replies so far with suggestions.
Looking in the archives I discovered that my s/n is below the number at which 60m became standard on the 7000.
So while the radio stores the 60m frequency, it can't xmit.

So I need to do the mod provided by W3AHL's post
" To enable the new channel on radios prior to serial # 0514455, it is necessary to remove diode D2172 on the Main board.  This opens up the entire 60M band (not just the FCC allowed channels for amateur radio). "
I'm not sure why the original 5 frequencies will not transmit, we'll see if it all works after the  mod, hopefully so.

My friend KN2U has the tools needed to work on surface mount boards and is doing the mod for me.

Thanks to all who replied and 73,
Darrell AB2E
Monroeville NJ

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Subject: [ic7000] help using IC-7000 on 60m
Hello all,
New to the group, and just got my new (to me) IC-7000 today.
Setting it up, got it running fine (years ago I had an IC-706MKIIG and notice the many similarities).

Here's my question.
I want to use the 7000 sometimes on 60m, mostly FT8, so I entered and stored 5.357 (the WSJT-X FT8 frequency) with the HM-151 mic.
OK, so far so good, changing bands it now has added 5.357 as I scroll between 80 and 40.
I key the rig either with my CW paddle, or with the handmic. No TX red LED on the rig, but the red LED on the mic
does light when I press the TX button.
I see on p40 of the manual about operating 60m, it says to set the rig to only the 5 frequencies listed.
I initially tried the first one, 5.33050 but with the same result, no TX on the rig.

What else do I need to do to get it to xmit on 60m?

73 Darrell AB2E