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Steven Linley

I traded up or moved up to an IC-718 from a TS-120.  It came with the DSP module that I installed.   That was a big upgrade.  After working 100 countries on 80 meter SSB, I was desperate for some CW filters, (the filter between my ears was working too hard) especially for CW contests. But instead of buying the filters I bought the IC-7000 for my car.  The rig moved between my GMC Acadia and my shack very regularly,  ha!
In 2017 I bought a Flex 6600 and Maestro.
After using an IC-7600 in a CW contest I was ready to buy the new IC-7300.  I tried it when it first came, out and I posted that it was "a game changer".  I would have bought one but by 2017 the IC-7610 was on its way to the market.  I tried one but for the price the Flex 6600 is a lot more radio and I really like the Maestro.   Both SmartSDR and the Maestro have their pros and cons. 
I now have a IC-7300.  I can operate all my Icom rigs remotely, but with the Maestro  the radio is on the Maestro and all the loggers and control windows are on the laptop screen.  I can't say for sure about other SDR RX's but the Flex SDR builds a receiver every 4 Hz, so the filters and DSP work great! 
I used my IC-7300 during a DXpedition to Bimini, Bahamas.   Another Op used two IC-7300's for FT8 and SSB and another Op used his IC-706.  The SDR was hands down better at rejecting RF from the Kilowatt FT8 station.  And the other IC-7300 ran 100Watt FT8 24/7 without issue.  Even though the IC-706 and IC-7300 both used hi-quality BPFs during the DXpedition, the SDR does a better job keeping unwanted nearby (same band) signals out of the pass band. 
I'm so glad I have a IC-7300.  I will use it next FD and leave my IC-7000 for working the Satellites or as a back up.  And the IC-7300's built-in ATU works great!
I use a LDG AT-100 Pro II with the IC-7000.
Steve WA8Y

Martha Pummer

I'd like to use my LDG AT-100 ProII with my IC-7000 but I do not know how to hook it up. Any tips.


Does the tuner have a cable for the standard Icom? if so that will work. If it will emulate an AH-3 or 4 it will work OK using the 4 pin connection on the back for the tuner/


Hi Martha
if you go to the ldg electronics groups io, they have all the dwg for the cables there, the icom is a very simple one,
Thanks Dave 2E0DMB


I use the LDG tuner that was designed as a match to the IC-7000 and have been trying to find a record of where I got my cable.  I think I got it from LDG themselves. 

Icom has used the same four pin, single row tuner connector forever.  I did a quick check on eBay and the only seller of LDG to Icom cables I saw was in the UK. 

I'd check with LDG. 

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Hi Martha
this is a the info is in there so you can make your cable link to download ldg cables zip all the info is in there so you can make your cable , Dave 2E0DMB,

Charles VA7CPC Cohen

FWIW (I don't own an AT-100) --

The AT-100 ProII is designed for _fully automatic_ operation.  If you can figure out how to get 12 volts DC (either from the IC-7000 "Tune" socket, or from its 12-volt power supply), and feed it to the AT-100's "DC In" connections, you should be good to go.  

If you need a 12-volt power cable, LDG recommends using "" -- this item:

Good luck! --

.     Charles / va7cpc