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Kenneth Dyer


Hope this helps its an ICOM stock OPC-599 Adaptor Cable 13-Pin, ACC connector to 7 Pin + 8 Pin ACC Connector.

I have used it on my ICOM 7000






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Icom makes a split pigtail that goes from a 13 pin din to a 7 pin and 6 pin female din.

I believe it may show in your manual on the 7K






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Good Evening Brian Et al:


I think that I probably was less than clear in my request for assistance.


The ICOM AT-500 auto-tuner isn't the issue. I've fabricated a cable between the rig and the tuner, as no commercially manufactured cable exist.


My concern is how can I control an amplifier and run the digital & logging software. With a solitary ACC DIN socket?


Digital ops isn't a problem, as the amps are not in line. However, when I operate SSB or CW and the amps are in use, I've effectively lost my ability to log via the computer..


Thanks for taking a minute to address my concerns.


If you have further thoughts on this issue, please don't hesitate to write.


tnx es 73 de K3SSB


Tom G, Sr.