FS: Mint Front Panel Display Head for IC-7000 - Display /Control Only -

jsternmd <josternmd@...>

I recently sold my IC-7000 with remote MB-60 and MB-105.  I have for sale a mint (new when I bought it a few years ago) front panel display control head.  It has less maybe 1-2 hours of use and it works like a new display, 100%.  Last checked this week before I packaged up the IC-7K for shipping.  Asking $300 which includes USPS Priority shipping to continental USA.  USPS Money Order, Personal Check or Zelle.

I originally bought it with the idea of making a custom split cable (and switch) to have one display control head in my basement workroom and the other display control head upstairs in the shack.  Never got around to it though so my loss is your gain. 

ICOM never put serial numbers on these heads so I am nervous about selling it and someone swapping a bad head for a return.  Therefore, I will place the buyers initials in indelible marker ink on the back of the panel head (tiny letters, I promise) just for my own peace of mind.

Thanks for the bandwidth

Jerry NY2KW (ex-K1JOS) 

mark goldhawke

Did this sell…if not please let me know as I am interested



Hello, I am interested in the front display head, please let me know how to pay it

Al Mesa