Bluetooth adaptor for 7000 MIC or acc socket?


I have a JVL Bluetooth headset waiting!

I dont wont to go via a PC.

73, Chris Muir ZL2XG


Hi Paul,

I have now done a little bit of thinking about this!

There are certainly Blue Tooth adaptors around that can be preset for RX or TX but not both.

And there are Blue Tooth adaptors that will do both concurrently. And might just allow TX/RX via the IC7000 VOX function? But how to stop unwanted audio from being transmitted?

Well, I think my JBL Blue Tooth headset has a button that will Mute TX only.

I will need to to check this out and shop around for a suitable TX/RX Blue Tooth adaptor to try this out!

In the meantime any comments from you Paul? Or anyone else?

73, Chris ZL2XG