Winlink, easy digi, and ic7000

Jim Romine

I need anyone who has successfully interfaced a IC7000 using winlink, the UZ7ho soundmodem and the easy digi usb interface sold on Ebay.  I cannot get the PTT to work.  Can anyone help?


I think that you might need to use the VOX to key the transmit.
I have used one, but I forget the setup. 
As I recall there is a chip that will key the PTT on transmit audio if it is high enough to trigger it as well.
Kind of like an external VOX. IIRC.

Charles VA7CPC Cohen


This video might be helpful:

and a search on YouTube for UZ7HO will give you a few others.

In that video, around 6:00, the presenter suggests that you should first have your soundcard interface (the EasyDigi USB) running, _before_ playing with UZ7HO's software.

So first question:

. . . When you run non-packet digimode software (fldigi, WSJT-X, etc),
. . . . . does everything work right ?

In particular, does the EasyDigi go into "XMIT" mode,
. . . . raise the PTT line to the IC-7000, 
. . . . and does the IC-7000 "hear" the PTT line, and go into XMIT mode, 
. . . . and does the IC-7000 take the audio signal from the EasiDigi and transmit it?

You should get that much working, first.

It seems (reading the reviews) that some models of the Easy Digi _do not have a PTT output_.  If you have one of those, (if I remember right), you _cannot_ use the 'DATA' input on the IC-7000:

. . . the IC-7000 VOX only works on the "Mic" input, and only in non-DATA modes.

This is more complex than I realized at first.  I haven't looked at the IC-7000 manual for a long time.  I can't find a real manual for the Easy Digi online -- there are several videos, and that's all.

Please reporrt back -- thanks --

.   Charles / va7cpc


I do not recommend the EasyDigi interface. The audio transformers will prevent the higher speed modes like VaraFM. 
I use a modified CM108 USB sound fob for my digital modes interface:  $4. 
$7 with the added mini-DIN DATA cable:  See the attached photo. 
(The COS connection is only needed for the AllStar application -skip for all other digital modes) 
Scavenge a mating male mini-DIN plug from an old PS2 extension cable 
Note: The cord from a PS2 mouse is usually missing a necessary wire from pin 2 (GND). 
If you cannot solder, buy an assembled unit: 
Use the linux alsamixer or Windows sound (mmsys.cpl) to adjust TX and RX sound levels. 
Also, get a transceiver USB computer control cable:  Icom CI-V 3.5mm  
fldigi, direWolf, soundmodem, ARDOP and Vara Winlink have added CM108/CM119 PTT support in their Linux and Windows versions.  For other digital modes like WSJTx (FT8) and JS8Call, use the CI-V cable and hamlib to command PTT.
Also, CAT7200 for Windows emulates the serial RTS or DTR interface for PTT. 
Remember to disconnect your microphone. The microphone element remains in circuit on the front and rear microphone  connectors on the IC-7000, and will pick up stray audio. When I disconnected my microphone, my repeated packet rate in Vara WinLink dropped to zero. 
For more construction and software setup info, see my "_DIY_digital_modes_interface.pdf" in the FILES section.