430 final idle current now good and set


Hi My mosfet RD60HUF arrived today from china i paid £18 for it i should have found out the price from icom for this mosfet, ,i put it on my peak atlas dca 75 pro and it tested ok, The print on it was a bit light,
and the legs were shorter then the data sheet and the drain leg did not have the slant,as on the data sheet, it may be second hand
I Just zoomed in to the photo that i took before fitting and i think it is used as you can see the indents from were the screws have been,, there was no trace of it being soldered before , the legs are longer then the one that came out,
i took photos just in case it did not work, But it did and it adjusted up to what it should 2.5a above the 00 reading that was 1.533amps, so i am very happy, the radio is not getting as hot, 
i put the old mosfet that i removed on my peak DCA75pro and yes it shows as 2 diodes,
Thanks for all of your help and info,
Thanks Dave 2E0DMB

Steve W3AHL


Glad it fixed your 7K's UHF problem.  It's always good to know there are still hams motivated to repair their equipment.

Hopefully you'll do the other UHF TX power adjustments now that the idle current is fixed.

Steve, W3AHL


Hi Steve
Yes i did all of the uhf and vhf Settings as i was in the menu, i did that this morning ,i found an old network cable and wired a switch and connected it to my Marconi 2955 and used the audio gen in that, i tested the output voltage of the marconi with my fluke and it was spot on,
and for the rf power i used my digital 4391 bird meter,
what do you think about the driver board mods,
Thanks Dave 2E0DMB