Icom7000 set up with WSJT-X


The IC-7200 and IC-7000 have different addresses for the C-IV.
The default for IC-7000 is 70h or hex address 70 
The default for  IC-7300 is 94h or hex 94
Check the address in your radio to be sure.
Also be sure to match baud rate as well

Larry Ryan

I have done this many times with my IC7000 by following the manual for the Signal Link USB and manual for WSJT-X.  First of all, I purchased the IC-7000/FT-817 jumper module SLMMOD6PM for the Signal Link and installed that first thing. This module sets the correct rig jumpers in the 6-pin mini-DIN Data Port. If you don't have the module, you have to place jumpers properly as shown in the manual. You have to open the Signal Link to access this Port.  Then I simply followed the manuals. I set my power to 50W before operating. I use HRD for logging and find that WSJT-X plays well with HRD. There is a selection for IC-7000 in both. I'm sure setting for an IC-7300 won't work with an IC-7000.  
The relevant manuals are all available on-line.  The instructions to do all this can be found there. I've operated portable with my IC-7000 using PSK then later, FT-8 many many times with this setup. 

73, Larry W7DGP

Bernie <cltoby@...>

Helping a friend over the radio and trying to help him get WSJT-X running with his 7000 and a Signalink interface. Can someone provide me with the instructions to do this. Getting the rig error message at this time. The setting from my 7300 don't appear to work.
Thanks Chuck  K3CLT