For Sale: $300 OBO: IC-700 with an issue

Steve Knoeck <steve+grpio@...>

Hi, all. I'm selling my IC-7000 which has unstable power output on all bands.

The HF finals went out on this radio. I decided to take the challenge of replacing them myself. I had no trouble disassembling the rig, soldering in new final transistors, and putting it back together. But as I was performing the realignment, the power output is unstable. I don't know why.

A good technician with the right test equipment might be able to bring this back to life. But the buyer is taking the risk that the radio is ruined beyond repair and only salvageable for parts. (The coveted driver board is one of the newer versions and has no issues.) There is no other damage and little wear and tear.

This radio is doing me no good sitting on the shelf and I'm never going to get around to fixing it properly. I want to make it available to IC-7000 devotees before I recycle it.

Buyer will get the radio, power cable, and printed manual.

$300 plus shipping, or best offer, via Paypal.

Email me privately if there are any questions.

Regards and Happy Holidays!