7000 intermittant?


I want to update the group on the solution to my 7000 intermittent problem.  Rather than call it intermittent I should have called it odd behavior that was limited to 6M output.  See my original post below.

Since only 6M was affected, I thought it was a bad connection in the 6M RF circuit.  Not qualified to troubleshoot SMD equipment I finally sent it off to Matt in Michigan.   Fearing a board had to be replaced I was ready to ignore the problem as I don't use the 7000 on 6M typically.  I could not justify spending +/- $600 on a $700 radio.  Much to my surprise Matt found the problem in the 6M low pass filter.  It seems there were two bad capacitors in the filter.  Very happy to find someone who could repair a component on a board rather that replace a complete board.

There are 11 capacitors in that filter and Matt suggested repairing them all as they are not that expensive and they are in each others way.  He also installed Icom driver and PA unit upgrades.  Total cost with shipping and insurance was a little over $200.  The 7000 back to 100%

Very pleased with the outcome.


Bill, K3PGB

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Subject: 7000 intermittant?
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2021 11:04:47 -0400
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Hi All,

After using my 7000 for years Murphy has shown up but in a way that defies my logic.  I typically do not use it on 6M.  I was testing it on 6 and it was recieving well.  Went to transmit (RTTY) full carrier but was only getting 20 watts out and the SWR was max.  Checked the antenna with another rig and the antenna was fine.  Put a dummy load on the 7000 and got the same low output and high SWR.  Puzzled, I tried another dummy and got the same result.  Power was measured with my Bird meter.

This is the goofy part.  Went back to the antenna and maybe one out of three key downs the output went to 80 watts with a decent SWR.  Could not duplicate that anomaly with the dummy load! Thought maybe the antenna relay was intermittent I tried HF and got full output and low SWR into the dummy.  Did not try UHF.

My guess is the SWR sensing circuit is faulty  Is the 6M SWR sensing circuitry different from HF?  I'm a fire and glass guy so limited on what I can do with SMD.


73 and TIA,

Bill, K3PGB