7000 seems to change to tone squelch on rptrs


Good morning....new to the group.  I have a 7000 and run mobile, and after getting the radio set for my (new) local repeaters, all seemed to work normal (Rptr Tone only).  All of a sudden, the radio seems to go to Tone Squelch.  The display does  not show Tone Squelch, but acts as if it is.  The indication is that if I turn squelch all the way OFF, the green light for activity shows that audio is present, but I get nothing out of the speaker.  I can operate on my repeaters ok, but if I'm on the fringes of the repeater and I lose the signal, I prefer hearing the white noise to show me I'm losing the signal instead of going silent.  The one thing that MAY be of interest here is that if I got to the multi function meter on the display, it shows my AGC is wayyyyy over to the right.  Something I didn't think should be happening.  If this is what's wrong, I can't find any method in the manual to adjust it.   Any ideas here?  Oh, and thanks for this group, and the help that's given.  I appreciate it.