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Looking for a photo of the ML920S/F9D to see if is the same as the ML920S/DN Panasonic battery because i can but it here in Canada for $4.98 .

John Allen

Where is the clock battery in an IC7000?


I believe it is in the silver logic unit, left rear top of the radio. From bad memory. 

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Where is the clock battery in an IC7000?

Steve W3AHL

Yes, the ML920S/DN works fine.  It has the same surface mount tabs as the /F9D.  The only difference is the coin cell has an insulating wrap around it, which is fine.  The price at is $2.18 USD, quantity 1.

Just be carefull not to short the leads together when handling.  Use ESD protection when handling any PCB, but especially the Logic board.

Steve, W3AHL