MTTY config for IC-7000

Paula K7PAX

I am trying to set up N1MM to run RTTY using the MTTY digital engine. I am using a Signalink Interface. Do I keep the rig in USB mode like I do for other digital programs, such as HRD for PSK31?

Paula K7PAX

Got it figured out - thanks anyway!


VK3SQ - Geoff

Hi Paula, what did you end up doing. I have similar set-up to you...would like to do the same.

73 de Geoff vk3sq

Paula K7PAX

Hi Geoff -

I run it in USB mode just like with any other digital program. Make sure to set up MMTTY inside your N1MM Logger+ folder in My Documents if using Windows. I made a folder called Digital Engines in which to copy the pertinent files per the online help instructions for MMTTY. There is a lot of little settings in N1MM and MMTTY to be tweaked - it took me about three days to get it all correct and running, but I made it in time for the NAQPRTTY contest last weekend. I made 17 contacts in nine states with a hamstick dipole hidden under the eaves of my roof, less than 10 feet off the ground. Let me know if you want or need help with the software config. I can send screenshots of specific panes if needed.

Paula K7PAX