706 display versus 7000

JohnD <wm7a@...>

I did some cut and paste to put the IC-7000 next to the IC-706. The IC-7000
frequency display seems to be about 1/4" high versus about 5/8" high for the
706. The smaller numbers would not be much of an issue the way that I
normally operate (i.e. sitting still with the engine off), but it seems like
it may be a too small when operating mobile in motion. I am also wondering
about the brightness and contrast of the display in a bright mobile
environment. I used a 756PRO during field day one year and the display,
although readable, lacked sufficient brightness.

Here is a link to the picture that I made of the IC-7000 next to the IC-706.
I assumed that the height of the 7000 was the same as that of the 706.


John DeRuiter, WM7A