UK Model late serial number

Adrian McGonigle

Thinking about getting an IC-7000 and wondering what are the later serial numbers from about 2010 onwards, from what I can see it was still made up until 2013. 

Adrian G0KOM

Steve W3AHL

The original UK versions have serial #'s starting with 10xxxxx.  More recent units (starting perhaps in late 2010?) have serial #'s beginning with 30xxxxx.

Steve, W3AHL

Speedy Diesel

Hi Adrian

I bought a 7000 in late 2014 when production had stopped and it was the last few boxes in the dealers - the serial was high 3001xxx.

So numbers around this in the UK would be the end of the line



Adrian McGonigle

Thanks Davy/Steve 

Exactly the info i need, now to find one

Adrian G0KOM