BT transmitter/receiver and IC-7000

Ahmad Eddie Mobasheri

Hi all,
The item that I was talking about a few days ago arrived and I charged it up and connected the external speaker of the ic-7000 to the unit's transmit socket. I paired the Bluetooth headphone with the transmitter ( it also  can receive as well from an BT audio source and connected it to amplified speaker).
As see on the picture attached, the unit is on and sending audio (blue flashing light on) to the white BT headphone (cheapie one!.
as per the book, the range is 10m!
From now on, peaceful time at nights for the family!

Eddie Mobasheri
Auckland, New Zealand


"From now on, peaceful time at nights for the family!"
Eddie - ZL1AEM 

Great job Eddie.
Thanks for sharing with the group.