Pending transfer to

James F. Boehner, MD

To all,

We have been with Yahoogroups since 2005.  We have over 6000 on this list!

I have been resisting the move, but Yahoogroups has been very flaky lately.  As a moderator, it has been very difficult to handle Yahoogroups with the most recent change several years ago, but with the erratic way that yahoogroups has been acting lately, I want to make the move prior to the system becoming inoperable (if it eventually does). 

I have created a new group on  I will begin the transfer process this evening.

I realize that some will not want to be on a different system, and I certainly understand.  One of my yahoogroups moved to some time ago, and I did not go with it.

However, I think it is time.

Thanks to all!

'73 de JIM N2ZZ