Digital Modes and CAT on IC7000


Hello everyone

Can someone provide some getting started info for digital modes and CAT on IC7000?

I want to use modes like PSK31,SSTV,WSJT,Echolink,RTTY and others.
For this I think I will use fldigi because I mostly work on Linux and as far as I found out this is the most well known software for digital modes in linux.
What cable connections do I need for this to work?

I would also like to remotely control my radio.
What software can I use for this on linux?
Can the same software and connections be used also for programming the radio (ex. memories)?

While searching I found different interfaces saying that they will do these jobs (with price ascending order).
I have found cheap cables on ebay for CAT and Tx/Rx audio.
I have also come across xggcomms cables -
I finally came across the signalink usb -

Signalink as it seems is very popular and with many happy users.
Has anyone used the xggcomms cables?
Or cheap ebay cables are good enough for the job?

Signalink is a sound card by itself, leaving the main computer sound card free for other uses.
But I guess one could pay a lot less money for the other cables and get a 5$ external usb sound card which would result in the same configuration, what do you think?

Another question is if I should use the 6 pin or the 13 pin socket for connections?
What is the difference of these 2 ports?
I have read about MIC not muting when using 13pin port.
Does this mean that noise from the room around the radio will get picked up together with the digital signal?
Is a separate 3.5mm CI-V cable also required for the above mentioned operations?

Thank you in advance for the help,

Kevin Grantham

There are some products similar to the Signalink that provide more connections to the radio. For example, the West Mountain Radio Rigblaster Advantage - with a single USB - provides the audio, CI-V (CAT), RTTY and Key connections.

Otherwise you use the Signalink for audio and a separate serial port for CI-V.

You can use a cheap sound card interface but it will not key the radio via VOX and won’t provide isolation against ground hum. Having said that, I use CI-V commands to key and unkey.

There is some programming software for programming memories. Don’t know if there is software for Linux.


Dale Barnes

I’ve been using an Xggcomms cable for the IC7000 for approx. 2 years now and find they are an excellent choice and work perfectly . I also found the designer gave excellent after sales support as well. I can thoroughly recommend them.


73s Dale VK7DG


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As I could see there are positive reviews for xggcomms (and the FTDI chipset that these cables use) so I proceeded with ordering a Digimode-1-Icom cable from their ebay shop. The seller is indeed really helpful and quick to reply as Dale has mentioned.

This cable offers 600:600 ohms isolation for audio, Opto isolation for PTT, connection to CI-V for CAT and PTT using either RTS signal or CAT. The missing feature related to signalink is the external sound card, so I plan to use a 3rd party USB external sound card to separate digital operation sounds from other computer sounds. Audio levels can be configured from the computer.

The reason for my choice is of course money because I payed about 57EUR for this interface. The cheapest signalink I could find would cost around 155EUR and I would still need a CI-V cable to use CAT software which sums to about 3x times the money I payed now!

Regarding the non-muting Mic when using the 13pin socket on IC-7000, I talked about this with the seller and he replied that he can sent me a cable that has a 6pin plug for the DATA socket on the radio. All I needed to do was add a comment about this on the ebay checkout. That is what I did and I am currently waiting to receive and test it.

If anyone can suggest good LINUX software for digital modes or CAT or radio programming or anything else interesting I would really like to hear about it. I already know about FLdigi and CHIRP so I am waiting for other suggestions.

Thank you everyone for your helpful feedback
Triantafyllos, SV2HWS


Hello again

@Steven thank you for the suggestions!

@Helumt My skills at electronics are basic at best so I preferred to buy a ready made interface and hope that it works well :)

I received the interface and I am now trying to put it to work!
Can someone point me to a newbie quick start guide for fldigi and/or wsjtx?
I would like to start with something that works as it should and then search around to get more in depth info

Triantafyllos, SV2HWS


Try this guide by Gary, ZL2IFB.

It will help you get started using FT8.

73 ES GUD DX, 



73 ES GUD DX,