tuner/call button

Bill Redshaw

Can anyone tell me why the tuner/call button would not key up rig when pushed.  I just get one beep each time pushed. Antenna is connected to an mfj tuner, and has worked for a long time.  I cleaned up the shack and made some changes to hook up between the watt meter and amp and tuner.  I think that it should at least key the rig even if not connected correctly.  Thanks in advance....


T7000 did that when I got it and it was what I call dead.
I bought bought a MJF 939I and it works properly.

You need to have the key signal I think on pin 1 and the signal to tune the Tuner enable signal has to be high to enable the tuner.
My tuner will initiate a tune from the button on the front of the tuner or the button on the front panel of the IC7000