[IC-7000] Re: Icom 7000 Remote operation using HRD


That is a nice device, but it requires a POTS wired telephone line to work.  The advantage to the device you describe is that you can do control over a basic telephone instrument.

The remote power management devices I was referring to use the Internet, which is already available when you are remote controlling a radio.  A smart phone with data service or WiFi would be required to control the device I was referring to.

73, Joe, K1ike

On 11/15/2017 8:36 AM, Jim jcrisco@... [ic7000] wrote:
forgot add....
a remote phone line controller...
control a pwr supply...
here is what the w4cq club used
dial in...TT codes to enable control...TT tones to open or close relay..
in the old ibm days...we called it a EPO ...emergency pwr off...