[IC-7000] IC-7000 vs Yaesu FT-450?

Ludovic Ludo

I'd be interested in comments from those with experience etc if
choosing between either
of these radios used (the 450 has the internal ATU fitted).

Which one do you prefer and why ?
Here my articles on IC7000 :
and on FT450 : http://radioamateur.forumsactifs.com/t1884-ft450-yaesu-avis
Use google translate.

. You will not use more than 30W in numérical mode on both tranceivers
. I do not like transmission audio of FT450, i prefer IC7000 after
micro mods
. IC7000 have VHF, UHF and FM band radio. I am often on FM band...
. Selectivity of both tranceiver not very accurate

You understand : I prefer IC7000.

If you want all info on both tranceivers (manual service, etc...), you
can contact
me in private on f5pbg@free.fr

Best regards,
Ludovic - F5PBG



Thanks you all for your contributions which I am finding very interesting reading.

I hope there will more as time goes on.

Many thanks