New IC7000 owner .

Charles & Sandra Cohen


The IC-7000 has a deeply-nested menu structure, and it's not easy to get around.  The Icom manual is oriented "by feature", not "by task".

Your life will be easier if you get a copy of the NIFTY mini-manual for the IC-7000:

(and other sources).

The good part:

. . . Once you learn to use it, it's quite a nice rig!

Only one warning (IMHO):

. . . Leave the TX Bandwidth at "Wide".

I think that's the factory default.  Narrowing the TX bandwidth (IMHO) -- particularly, reducing the audio high-frequency limit -- leads to distorted output.

Have fun --

.     Charles / VA7CPC

Kevin Grantham

Congratulations! Even though I've had my 7000 for quite a while, I am constantly amazed at its phenomenal performance in such a compact package. You will enjoy it thoroughly.




Get the programming software and USB cable from RT systems. It will be the best money you've ever spent, plus HamRadioDeluxe will work through the cable so that you can control the radio as well as program it!


Going to take ownership to a ic7000 next week .

This is going to be a big jump to a menue controled radio for this 75 year old .

I,m going to need help setting it up .