[IC-7000] Re: IC-7000 with MMSSTV - PTT always on

Perry K4PWO <k4pwo@...>

From what I read, the SB-2000 USB uses the RTS line of the virtual serial port for PTT. If that is the same port as the CAT port, you may have an issue with some sound mode software. Most expect the CAT port and the RTS PTT port to be different as typical serial protocol for the CAT port uses RTS/DTR for handshaking, even though the Icom’s CI-V doesn’t need it. So your issue may just be a limitation of the software chosen.

DM780 does do SSTV with the proper add-in so that may be your solution.

Perry K4PWO

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I understand that the sound ptt interface is misconfigured, yet it works fine using Ham Radio Deluxe

and DM780, along with several other digimode software programs, such as jt65-hf, wsjt-x and wspr!

The interface concerned is an SB-2000 from CGI Antenna.

Any further ideas welcome!

73 Dave G4CLI


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