[IC-7000] Ignition noise, please help

Milverton M. Swire

Have you Bonded the vehicle? Did you use FLAT Braided wire?
There is a BIG difference between DC Ground and RF Ground.
It's obvious you're picking up the noise from the Antenna.
Bond your Exhaust pipe at least 3 places.
Best of luck.

(((((73)))) Milverton.

From: Shaun <kb1inf@yahoo.com>
To: ic7000@yahoogroups.com
Sent: Friday, May 10, 2013 4:35 AM
Subject: [IC-7000] Ignition noise, please help

after a lot of research I purchased an Icom 7000.
after installing it in my Chevy Tahoe, I am getting S9 plus ignition noise on all HF bands. of course this renders the radio useless.

I have the radio grounded to the engine block. And my antenna mount is grounded to the frame of the truck.

and I have wired the radio directly to the battery.

I have disconnected the antenna from the mount in the ignition noise goes away.
this only occurs when the antenna is connected.
and of course I get the same results if I disconnect the coax.

also, I have tuned a 40 meter ham stick with a one to 1.5 ratio.
coming back to the radio an hour later without adjusting the ham stick,
I am getting a 4 to 1 ratio.
VSWR does not seem to be stable.

I am hoping the members of the group are able to help me with my frustrations.

thanks in advance Shaun.