Syncing IC-7000 clock

Keith Obrosky

I want to give JT-65 a try and I've read that it's extremely important that
the radio's clock be very accurate. I downloaded software to get very
accurate sync with time servers but so far I haven't found a way to keep
the clock on my IC-7000 in sync. Does anyone know a way to sync the radio
clock? I am running Win 7 as an OS, HRD as the software and Navigator as
the computer interface.

Thanks for any help the group can give.


Keith W Obrosky, W2KWO

Keith Obrosky

Thanks all of you who answered about the clock and JT-65. I misunderstood
about which clock but after thinking about it I see that your answer that
it's the computer clock that's important makes sense. I should be ok then
and I am anxious to give JT-65 a try. Thanks again.


Keith W Obrosky, W2KWO