How to avoid spamming the Yahoo Groups

Randy Thomson

Pardon the length of this, but the Yahoo Group spamming seems to be getting
out of hand, and I felt the need to provide this information. (I'm sending
this to multiple Yahoo groups.)

There is a simple way to avoid spamming your Yahoo Groups, just take them
out of your Yahoo web mail contacts list. Spammers hack into your Yahoo
webmail account, apparently fairly easily, and Yahoo doesn't seem to be able
to do anything about it. Once in your account, they use your email address
to send spam to everyone in your contacts list. If you delete all your
contacts from your web mail, then they won't be able to spam anyone. It's
possible that spammers can comb your inbox for addresses, once they are in,
but I don't think that they are doing that (yet). Make sure you don't
automatically add new addresses from you Inbox to your Contacts.

A way to completely stop them is to convert your usage from web mail to POP
mail, using an email client (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) on your computer. I
started out providing more information on this, but then the message got
REALLY long.

Again, sorry for the long "off topic" message, but maybe a few folks
can/will follow the advice and help cut down on SPAM.

Randy - K5MW