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Milo Austin

Indeed, it is an excellent radio, especially for the package. And I too am
happy with my selection, after studying several in the class. Well worth
the extra money.

With regards to the heat, yes, it runs pretty warm even without
transmitting. One thing you could always do is reduce power. Cutting
power 50% is only a 3 db reduction, probably not even noticeable, but could
significantly reduce heat. For myself, I consider maximum power as being
available only for occasional need. For instance, I can easily hit the
repeaters with only 5 watts or less, so why use 50? If I were going to be
using max or near max power for extended periods, I would seriously
consider going to an external linear just for this reason (heat). That is
a very small package for that much heat. The whole radio is just about the
size and mass of the heat sink alone on my 100W desktop transceiver. I do
not know how prevalent this is, but I have heard stories of blowing the
finals running full power on 6 meters.


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Hi Ray,

I purchased the Icom 7000 last week and I have to say it's not hard at all
to get comfortable with the menu. I've learned the basics and really enjoy
the rig. I'm using the hand mic right now and I get great audio reports. I
adjusted the TBW and compression according to a video clip I saw on

The receiver is awesome. It's great at cancelling out noise and pulling
out weak signals.

I'm very happy with the purchase. My only concern is the operating temp.
My TEMP meter on the radio stays at about 1/4, which is just fine, but goes
up to 3/4 when transmitting for a period of time. It also has a slight new,
electronics odor coming from the top front right near the fan. I'm sure
that will go away after some more use (It's already fading). I'm a net
control on HF and hope the temp. doesn't cause me any concern down the road.

73, Rich K0PIR

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I am highly considering purchasing a 7000. Although I have 37 years
experience in both working in and teaching electronics(now retired) and
have a good RF background, I am a bit touchy when it comes to menu operated

1. I have downloaded the 7000 Manual. Perhaps I have missed something
but I haven't seen any special order for the menus.

2. I did read where one or two of the menu selection buttons on the
front panel can have certain menus "set" for them. Could I set these in a
certain order?

3. I'm not so touchy about interpreting the menus once I get to them,
but I am very concerned about being able to get to them.

4. This would be my first menu operated rig. I am trying to get back
into ham radio after a long absence except for a few spurts.
Thanks Ray

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Le 04/02/2013 14:39, Milo Austin a écrit :
With regards to the heat, yes, it runs pretty warm even without
transmitting. One thing you could always do is reduce power.
The temperature is not high... 33°C on the upper cover (at amb. temp
of 20°C)
It is due to the DSP module. The upper cover serves as a radiator...
When you transmit the fan cools the IC7000, even if the power is max
in SSB.

Stop this legend of the warm due to bad analysis !

Here 5000 operating hours ans any problem of warm default.

Best regards.