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Here in Spain the IC-7400 (746 PRO) has had a price cut of 25%, it
was a bit expensive before, but now it cost the same than a Yaesu 897
and an non-Yaesu auto tuner. That made me buy it.

So it has become very competitive. I am happy with a proven and
mature model at a good price. Price of rigs it is not specially low,
in Spain, but now ICOM has lower prices in Spain than in a large shop
in Germany. Price in that german shop for a yaesu 897 is 20% lower
than in Spain. ICOM is by far the most competitive brand. The
barebone Kenwood TS-50 is 12% more expensive than IC-706.

Price of 706 with DPS in Spain is about 88% of a barebone Yaesu 897D.
In Germany the 706 is about 10% more expensive than Yaesu 897

So it is a local policy of ICOM Spain, that has been taken over by
ICOM Japan, before it was a local representative. Now it is much

I like "mature" rigs, (and cars), I hate to pay for manufacturer's
mistakes in new born rigs, and having already the IC-7400, I am
thinking and thinking about buying a 706, now that all the problems
are solved, and price is interesting, and wait for the IC-7000 for a
couple of years, when teething problems are solved. I just hate the
price of extra filters in 706.

I admit I like to own nice rigs, I have (and use) some classic
receivers too. So do not try to find a rational behaviour, it is just
my hobby. I would not expend a cent in tranmission, except for a
narrow filter and a nice mike. But I love to have every feature in
good receivers, my main hobby really is to listen.

To tell the truth most of my Ham activity is made with a Yaesu FT-101-
ZD-MKIII, I made some Fox Tango modifications to it some 20 years
ago, and I feel confortable having all knobs at sight. And I am
thinking more about buying another one if I find it, than disposing
of it.

But really the ICOM IF-DSP is top of class. I love it.

And yes.. something is coming, soon.

Javier EA4CWY

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Considering that the 7400 will also be replaced in the near future
a "pro2" model, the 7000 fits nicely where it fits in terms of

FYI, the 746pro here has a $200 rebate plus some more rebates plus
free power supply. Maybe an indication of a new model soon!?