IC7000 bandwidth, modes and price

nicolasc33 <javier_ebay@...>

I guess that to avoid image frequency reception the IC-7000 will have
a Xtal filter at 1st IF 64.455 MHz, as some other Icom rigs.

This Xtal filter has 15KHz bandwith, so any mode this beauty can
receive will have to pass that filter.

It is long ago since I made ATV fully analogic in 430 MHz, and I dont
know the TV modes used today. But anyway the 15KHz limit will apply
in this rig.

The IC-7400 (IC746 PRO) I am getting in a couple of days (monday) has
RTTY reception, etc. So anything that can be made within the physical
limits is possible. But the main point with the IC-7000 is to have
state of the art technolgy in such small package, including UHF (IC-
7400 has not).

I own some top class classic rigs, and they will not be scrapped at
all because the IC-7400 is coming, same for the IC-7000. Maybe I will
get one too when it is available. I make a lot of casual listening,
with a simple wire as an antenna, and this little jewel and a small
lead acid gel battery, can make the best possible receiver iever in
its price/weight range.

As the technology is coming from big brothers (IC746 pro.... and
many) I hope the rig will be OK from the very beguinning.

I will pay 1480 Euro for the IC-7400 (includes autotuner), the
barebone 706 it is now 890 Euro (audio DSP, but no filters), FT-897D
sells for 1000 Euro here, but 900E somewhere in Europe, and old
trusty barebone TS-50 is about 900 Euro.

So yourselves can guess the price range of the future IC7000. My
IC7400 (746PRO) has had recently a price cut of 20% (it was close to
2000 Euro before).

My guess for a max price for the IC7000 will be 1.100 Euro in Spain,
that means about 1000 USD in USA large mail selling stores. Yes 1
Euro=1,3 USD, but so it is life and local markets.

Due to small market size in Spain compared to USA, the price in Euro
here it is usually 5 to 10% higher that the price in USA at large
mail sellers, I dont know prices in local USA towns (Support your
local dealer or it will disapear).

Javier EA4CWY