[IC-7000] Re: HRD/rumtrol/catci-v with radio shack 20-289 cable

Steve Sawicki

This little adapter at its blow out cost of $4.85 is a very useful
little "gadget" not only will it work with the 7K/ HRD Software
(fantastic software) combo but with IC-706MKII-G, thinking about it
all of the CIV spec radios.
I picked up 3 and they still had 2 left on the hook.
I built a small box adapter that copies the CT-17 multi radio (4)
front end as in my opinion it puts in a bit of protection for the
radio and computer.
If you have any small ferrite cores (salvaged from CRT connect
cabels) put them on as this will eliminate any computer hash.
The funny bonus is that this past weekend I used the adapter to
program my Motorola GP-350 after building a quick adapter
(initially using alligator clips), yes it works and now at the low
cost I can keep one in the ditty bag all the time.

This unit has a GE02D 8360 molded into the DB9 body , any one ever
take one apart or have the schematic, just curious is it a transistor-
diode rendition of the classic CIV replacement or is it a bit more

Best regards.


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I picked up two of the 20-289 this evening; one for myself
and the other for new 7000 owner (Saturday at Claremore, OK
Hamfest) Mark, AE5MH. They were $4.97 each on closeout.
I also bought a 20-047 at $24.95 which is the original price
on the 20-289.

I have no idea as to what I will or even MAY do with them,
but it seems that they are quite popular and I figured what
the heck, get one whilst they were still around and CHEAP!

73 - Mac, K2GKK/5
Oklahoma City, OK

p.s. Store in Midwest City on east side of OKC had two left.

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Subject: [IC-7000] Re: HRD/rumtrol/catci-v with radio shack 20-289
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Radio Shack replaced the 20-289 with a new cable
numbered 20-047. The original (20-289) used a
serial port, the new one (20-047) is a USB port.
I just bought the new one at a local RS store and
it works great. It comes with the driver and user
guide on CD.


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