Re: HM-151a Mic problem - Fix still available

Steve Sawicki

Just to let you and others know the early models of the 7K's have
different microphone elements and pass capacitors, I have confirmed
this by side by side comparisons of microphones early 2005 unit (my
friend's) my replaced May 2006 7k and one just delivered in
December 2006.
I believe that Icom made a change to the microphone (they most likely
will not acknowledge this fact) some time in late 2005 early 2006 as
many are confirming that they have good sounding audio. We can easily
confirm by "switching" the mikes between the radios, the "dull" audio
follows the microphone.
I will be changing the capacitor and replacing the mike element for
my friend this Sunday as a early Christmas present for him, its no
big thing. BTW the Rat Shack "Condenser" replacement blister pack
element is a excellent sounding and pried solution.

Merry Xmas to All and a fantastic New Year.


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