Hear for yourself Re: ZL8R

Steve Sawicki

To answer your question, yes they have made changes to the latest
serial number radios.
I compared the cap values in the mike (my radio Nov 2005 latest radio
Oct 2006) and they are using a new chip cap and it is very "close" to
the recommended "replacement", the mike element looks a bit different
as well but as of today I have not convinced my friend to let me
pull the element and put it on a sweep.
Also the firmware has a different number, higher rev level, I wonder
what they modified but it will take a week or so to make the
comparison as other project are taking a higher priority, the holiday
party circuit has started a bit early this year and its hard to get
the boffins to do the needed memory "surgery" in timely fashion, it
is only a hobby!


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