Re: Disappearing Miniature Video Out Jack

Steve Sawicki

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The female, miniature jack that accepts the video out plug on the
rear panel
of the IC-7000 just "disappeared" into the inner bowels of the
radio. Has
any one else seen or heard about this happening? Unfortunately,
the only
remedy is to send the radio back to ICOM for repair, my second
experience (VHF receive went bad during Field Day), yuck!!!



Richard (Dick) Crouch


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These miniture jack outputs on the back of the radio are extremely
weak as they are only attached to the PCB by just a small amount of
spot soldering and will break easily if care is not taken when
inserting any plugs.
I broke the extension socket on my ic7000 and had to repair this
myself as it rattled around inside the radio.

Cheers. Glenn VK3BAC
When I was planning the "right" mobile location in my Rover, I
noticed the same possible problem after plugging into the jacks a
number of times; I guess this was to be a one time mobile
installation rig. hi hi.
I remembered that another unit suffered from a similar problem and
the manufacturer made a novel "fix". The jacks where board mounted
like the 7K and they put in plastic sleeves that supported the jack
on the frame mount, it made the insertion back together a bit harder
but provided the support to take the strain off the jack board
In my rummaging in the "Junk Box" I found some plastic collars that I
used my trusty Dremel to enlarge and fit and now I believe that I
have the support needed.
This may become a sore spot in the future for any true mobilers that
move their rigs in and out on a regular basis, I have installed Power
Poles in order to do a easy removal and take the strain of the new
style power jack as well as save a buck or two when connecting to my
shack PS-52 (the adapters cost $18) and the old style Molex I have a
good supply on hand.
Another interesting tid bit, if you have a "trunked" radio check to
see if your screen is effected when you use it, not the RX only the
display like a TVI pattern.


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