[IC-7000] Re: IC-7000 How to turn off LCD display

Steve Sawicki

Dear VA7OJ,
George may he rest in Peace was very correct in his statement...
We shall see..." And in that light after just coming back from a
recent work related trip to JA land it is my understanding and this
after meeting with some "insiders" that a "revised" 7K model is well
on its way having passed the approval phases and clearly on its way
to production.
I see that the stateside dealers are doing some selling promotions
(price drop) Christmas or can it be something else?

Like George said, "We shall see..."


--- In ic7000@yahoogroups.com, Adam Farson <farson@...> wrote:

Hi Steve,

That could be, if a Mk II ever came about and sufficient customer
existed for such a feature. At this point, I would not bet on a Mk
II - but
as my friend George W5YR (SK) used to say, "We shall see..."

Best 73,
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