Re: IC-7000 How to turn of LCD displ;ay

Steve Sawicki

Dear rjskantz.
In the Mark I model of the IC-7000 the front display is only an
ANALOG VIDEO display module, the rear display plug is only an
"extension" of what is being delivered to the front panel (no cost to
Icom just the addition of a plug and it helps with diagnostics).
I have looked at this irritation since I started to use a seven inch
display (helps the eye strain)but short of doing surgery to cut off
the power to the front display it's a no go.
I think in the Mark II they will put in some form of (A) switch and
time out to save the display (B)"digital" output port to let you use
a "computer" flat panel display and get some better resolution setups.

Best regards.

--- In, "rjskantz" <RJSKANTZ@...> wrote:

I am using my IC-7000 with a larger remote display. Does anyone
if there is a way to turn off the radio's internal display which is
not needed when using the external LCD???

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