Re: IC-7000 reviewed in November issue of CQ magazine

Steve Sawicki

If you send me your Snail-Mail location (to my email) I will see if I
can send you a copy of the November "CQ", we have access to the club
extras; it's a perk living almost next to the publisher. BTW you did
not miss much in the review the gent was coming from a IC-706MKIIG to
the 7K and that is a leap to start .Just remember that "CQ" and
other review publications relies on advertisers.
Best Regards.

--- In, "arcticpeak" <arcticpeak@...> wrote:

Contributing Editor Phil Salas, AD5X, reviews the new ICOM IC-7000
HF/VHF/UHF transceiver.

Can someone please scan the review into PDF and post it into the

(They don't sell CQ Magazine in my country.)


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