Re: Cheap 7" LCD monitor

Steve Sawicki

Best $83 accessory that I spent so far on my $1.5 K radio, and the
internal speakers work and actually sound better then the internal 7K
speaker IMHO.

I run the power from the 12 volt power buss but I did put two ferrite
snap on chokes on the video and power inputs.
Video quality IMHO is as good as the built in display (it's also just
video and not a "data" display on the 7K) the 7 inch is a big help
when you have to try and focus …..and yes it helps in watching the
off the air TV signals.
I sometimes wanted to watch some other video "material" and nothing
works better then a small 19 inch whip attached to the Ch3-4
modulator built into my sat receivers that is in the family room and
I am in my office/hobby room down south, no worry about the HDTV
conversions for me at least when the 7k is at home…...

I actually moved a "small" inexpensive DVD/ MP3 capable player that
that needed a video display to be attached in order to operate the MP-
3 selection functions and now I can listen to my Old Time Radio CD/
DVD as well as saving my eyes on the 7K now that is multifunctional.

The larger model was a bit too big for my space and the 7 inch was so
much easier to adapt to the surplus "speaker" wall mount unit via


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