Re: External fan!

Steve Sawicki

Please If they are a dime a dozen make sure to let ALL of us know the
part, number source and cost and I am sure that it will be a easy
exchange for all.

Yes your mod works but since the fan is running all the time I think
that one best put in some form of dust filtering at least on the input
when I tested (after doing your mod) and installing a thin filter the
CFM was a bit restricted for my taste; thus I am sure that when you
source the higher CFM fan that it will compensate for the needed
filtering, Just check your PC the last I checked not many of us live
and operate in "clean" rooms and never mind if you operate MOBILE.

BTW The addition of the small CPU colling fan to the back fins is not
bulky AT ALL and requiers no filters, it produces anice airflow to the
bottom and top of thecase thus HELPING the thermal budget.hi hi
I installed a 3 1/2 inch salvaged fan on the fins of my 756 Pro and
that radio now runs cool to the touch while the PS-125 PSW cycles on
and off even in RX, I think that I will have to look at that next.

Looking forward to the part information

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