Re: Abnormally hot on RX only/ The White Noise issue

Steve Sawicki

I tend to agree with you, I performed a interesting quick test on my
7K, I disconnected my add-on CPU fan and made sure that no additional
cooling (moving air) was reaching the unit in about 20 min of just RX
I started to hear a increased "white" noise level, this was a gradual
ramp up and then the plateau level.
The 7K was "warm" but the built in fan was not running and the temp
was reading only a bit above normal.
I reconnected my auxiliary cooling system and in about 15 min the 7K
was cool and I noticed that the white noise was less, the temp was
reading a bit under normal.
I will have to take the 7K to the lab and do some actual measurements
and then put it in the "shake and bake" chamber and see what the
"equipment" tells me are the ambient RX temperatures and then what it
drops down to with the aux CPU cooler running.

If any in the group are thinking of adding a auxiliary cooler fan make
sure that you get the best quality that you can (I used a fan from
a P-III cpu the size was just right for the 7K fins and make sure
that it has sleeved bearings) it is very “hash� quiet and fairly
"Noise" quiet especially when you drop the voltage to about 10 volts.

They did say that in this hobby the fun never ends........


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