Re: Driver Board is smoked

Steve Sawicki

Did they (Icom) provided part number for the "Massefedern" can you
make some pictures.
I guess that I will have to put them in place as well as the thermal
grease that was missing on my 03 7K (this is not a problem with high
04 or 05 units)
I just looked at a 05 unit and compared it to my 03 (which was
missing the grease) and I see NO additional ground springs that are
easily seen.

I was not happy with the heat situation and after reading Adams write
up I decided to place a spare "medium" size CPU cooling fan on the
back heat sink like many did to the IC-706's using plastic screw plus
as the mounting method.
I pulled power temporarily from the tuner plug until I can make a new
atu extender, (I still use my 706) the 7K now runs cool in comparison.
If you think the 7K is hot just think what it must be when you mount
it under the seat or in your trunk (boot) and you are in Florida in

With the potential of 15 watts of disipatation as per Adams I wonder
if it is worth the hassle to mount a "real" heat sink on the MOSFET
as well and sleep better?

"unintentional oscillations" a interesting consept in a Class A
driver stage, bring on the "Massefedern".

Adam, any other "hot" spots that you can think off, I will not get my
IR thermometer back until the end of this month, any one have a full
band thermal camera and can you see if you can spot any other "hot"


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