Re: Basic Help for TX Audio on the IC-7000

Steve Sawicki

To answer your question yes it is a "level" problem to start with as
I am now totally convinced that we have that old low-level pre-amp
ghost back with us again…
The second part is that the "stock" element in my opinion
is "inferior" as any form of "quality" microphone element even in
its intended role used in a mobile handheld microphone setup, a
salvaged Cell phone element sounds 100% clearer with better audio at
least for my voice characteristics this according to my air friends,
better then the stock.....

Even when you add a single stage pre-amp the element is IMHO just
wrong in its audio reproduction capabilities be they just
communications quality as expected.

I noticed a number of individuals making statements indicating the
addition of outboard Equalizers Ham or studio models.
Yes they work but are NOT practical in a mobile environment when
two "easy" solutions exist to cure the problem, (a) change the
element yourself or (b) have it sent and done for a small amount if
you do not wish to do it yourself, personally I like to experiment.

Just this morning I built a adapter that uses the stock coil cord
plugged into a small metallic box that has a 8 pin female connector
and a small jumper PC board in it, I tested my trusty slightly
modified D-104 with the simple jfet amp/matching network Hi to Lo
impedance built on the striped "power amp" PC board and the 7K
sounded FANTASTIC to a bunch of regulars on 40 meters as did my HM-10
hooked to a older two band Julius Jones W2IHY mixer amp, not to
practical or easy to use mobile unfortunately using that setup you do
not get the control ability as with the hand mike.

I just removed my OLD slim line touch tone pad that I had on a old HT-
220 back and tried it on the mike, for a 12 year old TT pad its still
amazing as it has PTT built in and a mike mute now how to mount it on
the back, Dremel Tool to the rescue!

Watch you will have an "optional" 7k specific Touch Tone equipped
mobile mike become available for your buying pleasure with Excelent
audio –Soon!


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