Re: ICOM 8000 VHF + ICOM 7000 HF/VHF/UHF bad vhf

Steve Sawicki

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It sounds to me like the power and mic gain are turned down.

I don't want to come off sounding like a total jerk, but from the
you have asked and the proven performance of the 7000 on vhf fm I would
really suggest that before you go any further with your 7000, you
sit down
and thoroughly go through the manual a couple times and then do it
with the radio and play with the various adjustments. I have heard
DOZENS of 7000s on vhf fm and they all have crisp clear audio "punch" if
adjusted properly, regardless of the rf output level .

Of the local crew using 7000s (approx 30 hams), none have had any audio
problems. Not to brag but I was the first of this crew to purchase a
against the advise of a handful of locals who bought them and
returned or
sold them because they didn't like the output when in the end they
did not read the manual and set up the audio properly via the mic
gain and
the compressor for side band operation. I simply left those settings
be and
am constantly getting praise on my audio on fm.



It is my understanding that the "compressor" and mike gain adjustments
only works in the SSB mode and not in FM. I have read the manual
(English) and two other language version several times and even
consulted with my JA friends that have the JA version.
I do not understand as to how the SSB adjustments apply to FM
operation, the low and mushy audio was always the major complaint in
this mode.
Unfortunately Running compression in my opinion is tantamount to
providing a mike-preamp function with some resultant flat toping, this
mandatory need for compression sound like a compensation for the (a)
lack of audio from the mike element or (b) a soft audio front end
similar to early Icom radios or possibly both.
The "solution" in my opinion for many including this operator is to
change the SMD coupling cap from the "factory" 1 uf to .022 uf , I
used a micro orange drop and then fill in all of the EMPTY HOLLOW
space in the back shell with acoustic foam if you have some if not use
closed cell foam.
If you wish you can pound some lead sinkers into fitting into the
small hollow to add some "heft" to the mike, try it then.
The interesting discovery that I made in my own 7k mike is that when I
change out the stock element with a salvaged element from a older
Nokia cell phone I had no need to run ANY COMPRESSION in SSB and my FM
audio was called outstanding.

Best regards


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