Re: [IC-7000] IC-7000 PRICE

Fred Davey <ki4jtx@...>

Since receiving an email from Icom addressing the very questions I
asked here, I feel it is only fair to Icom that I reply to my own

From the email I received today, I have learned that Icom apparently
does in fact care about what their customers have to say, and about
what they think concerning prices and other such matters. I think the
proof is in what they wrote to me, and in the fact that they take the
time to read this yahoo group.

I don't mean to extend this thread any longer, I just want to be fair
to Icom since they took the time to read and reply to my original
message. I must say that I was quite pleased in their response.


--- In, "KI4JTX" <ki4jtx@g...> wrote:
I'm not "one of the whiners", as you put it, but let me see if I
understand what you're saying here.
Basically you're telling people to shut up and quit whining, and if
they don't like it go with another radio manufacturer?

I see you work for Icom (according to their press release), so I'm
wondering if you're speaking as an Icom representative, and if the
attitude you've expressed here reflects Icom's attitude towards their

Is Icom telling present and future customers to shut up and quit
whining, and if they don't like it go elsewhere? Okay then, my money
will go elsewhere.

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