Re: [IC-7000] Re: IC-7000 PRICE

Matt Yellen

So let me get this straight, you say that I am a jerk
because I don't want to hear people whine about the
price of a radio. I have never whined about the cost
of a radio. I don't associate myself with people that
do either. I think that you are discrediting Hams in
general by your statement. My original comments were
not directed at anyone, but you seem to have taken
them personally. I am sorry that you categorize
yourself as a whiner, and took offense to my comments.

--- RB <> wrote:
kb7tse wrote, "If you are one of the whiners, go buy
the Yaesu 857
or Kenwood TS-2000..."

Moderate me, or ban me if you must, but my humble
opinion is that
KB7TSE is a royal jerk. I've been a ham longer than
he is old, I
opine from the immaturity of his comments, and I
have NEVER heard
such unmitigated drivel. If I had not been an Icom
user for longer
than KB7TSE is old, I'd tell him to take my
735/AT150/PS-55, 2720
and 706MKIIG, and shove them!

Listen 'TSE (Terminally S__________ Egghead, fill in
the blank with
an appropriate adjective), hams have been whining
and complaining
about manufacturer pricing from time immemorial, but
we still
purchase the radios we deem worthy of our money,
whining and
complaining notwithstanding. It's part of our
heritage, of who we
are as Amateur Radio operators.

Please excuse the rant...but somebody needed to say
it! If I must
be moderated or banned, then so be it.

73 de KX7Q

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