Re: Announced in Dayton?

Alan NV8A (ex. AB2OS) <nv8a@...>

Arrgh!! You're right. And I am a firm believer in the metric system, even though living in the USA. My Dutch-born mother-in-law says that if she could learn the US system at age 40+, everyone else can learn the metric system if they start in school.

Alan NV8A
(who grew up in the UK, learning about such arcane measures as chains and "rods, poles or perches")

On 02/18/05 01:51 pm Adam Farson tossed the following ingredients into the ever-growing pot of cybersoup:

That's 20mm (approx. 0.8"). 20cm is about 8".
(I grew up with the metric system. "Ye kynges ffoote" joined the stable much
later in my life.)
20cm (less than an inch) shorter (front to back??), according to the orig.
French article.
Are there any size specs on this radio yet? I wonder if it's going to be larger, smaller or about the same size as the 706 series.

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