Re: [IC-7000] IC-7000 PRICE

Matt Yellen

I don't see why you are getting so worked up. I am
setting the record straight on the price. I think
that people are more interested in knowing the facts
vs. speculation. Feel free to throw out prices that
have no basis in reality.

--- Paul Manuel <> wrote:

--- Matt Yellen <> wrote:
Now before I start, I already know that there will
be people, that so,
oh I heard this or I heard that. I am telling you
now. The STREET
price of the IC-7000, not LIST< STREET, will be
$1500. Don't even
bother commenting on what you think the price will
be. I KNOW the
price will be $1500. Oh yeah, and don't bother
flaming me about that
price either, it is what it is, and I know that
myself and many others
will be happy to pay it!
I think we are entitled to express our opinions
regardless of what you
like or don't like.
Paul K4PDM

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